Upcoming Changes.
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23 July 2019
Upcoming Changes
Hello Creator,

The latest Lumin OS version (0.97) is rolling out to Magic Leap One via over-the-air updates this week. We're also preparing to expand to different regions internationally and, as a result, making changes to our terms (including our Account Terms and Conditions and Creator Agreement). These changes are in effect as of Tuesday, July 23, 2019.
About Our Terms Update
To continue using certain parts of the Creator Portal and other Magic Leap hardware and services from today onwards, you'll need to accept the updated Account Terms and Conditions and Creator Agreement.

If you're logged out of the platform when this change takes place, you will be offered a chance to review and accept or decline our applicable updated terms the next time you log in.

If you are logged in and actively trying to use the platform, you will need to log out and log in again to be redirected to the updated terms.

We know these updates to our terms can be disruptive, but the good news is this will be the last one for some time, and any future updates to our terms will allow a 30-day grace period so as not to interrupt your development process. If you have any questions about these changes, don't hesitate to reach out to support@magicleap.com.
Updated Features
Support for internationalization and localization for UK, France and Germany – including support for French, German and British English, which means our European friends will soon have the opportunity to experience our device in their native languages. Lumin OS also includes a full localization framework for Latin character-based languages, so even more countries will be joining our community in the future.
Multi-app scenarios for WebXR applications are now possible with the introduction of a new Direct Rendering API, which improves stereoscopic rendering quality for immersive apps and allows users to render their own 3D content using WebGL.
We're making our cloud Map Merge feature accessible to everyone as a public beta, which will allow Lumin to support multiplayer scenarios out of the box through our PCF API. As of today, this feature will be available to all users who have purchased our Professional Developer package. Full roll out will start before Wednesday, July 31.
In 0.96, we achieved full skeleton tracking of the hand, and now with 0.97, you can access a hand mesh through API.
You can now have a six-person call in Avatar Chat. We've also added a dark mode to the browser and the ability to create landscape shortcuts from the browser, which means your bookmarks can exist in your environment.
You may have spotted a new app called Overture on your device. This Lumin app works in landscape mode and lets a third-party app integrate with our background music service to control the music in your environment. You can pause and play a track, adjust the volume, skip to the next song, and perform other basic controls.
In terms of Developer tools and SDK, we now officially support Unity 2019.2; and Magic Leap binary builds for Unreal are available through the Epic Launcher. We also offer OAuth support for 3rd-party apps through C API, and Universe and Helio use a Secure OAuth Window as a preferred method of integrating OAuth services into an app.
Last but not least, we've enabled our device stream toolset in SDK, which means developers can access a device stream on their desktop.
You can also follow this handy guide to manually update your device: Developer's Flashing Guide.

Thank you!
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